Warmly celebrate the official opening of the Group's Shanghai branch!

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November 1, 2021, The Shanghai branch of AMERICANA EXPRESS officially opened.QQ图片20211101155712.jpg

Ten miles of fireworks field, the wind and cloud will meet on the shanghai beach . Shanghai is the center of China's international economy, finance, trade, shipping, and scientific and technological innovation. It has a very important position and role in national economic construction and social development.

As a brand-new platform for Kaoyoung Intermodal Group to expand the market in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta, the Shanghai branch is another important milestone for the group to achieve leapfrog development in the construction of an international logistics system that "Goes out of North China, Bases on China, and Serves the World". The service level in Shanghai Port and its surrounding ports will be further improved.

In the past two decades, Kaoyoung people have always adhered to the tenet of "Serving the society, Repaying the society, and Striving for a distinctive international logistics brand", and are committed to becoming a first-class international logistics company with sustainable operations,

provide professional customized international logistics solutions for our customers and friends.


    The blueprint has been drawn, and it is time to forge ahead. The Shanghai branch will closely follow the progress of the headquarters, seize opportunities with fuller enthusiasm, continue to carry forward the spirit of Kaoyoung, seek development opportunities, base on a new starting point and create a new pattern.