A new starting point and a new journey丨KAOYOUNG Intermodal 2021 quarter meeting was successfully held

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From March 19 to 22, 2021, Kaoyoung Group held a summary meeting for the first quarter of fiscal year 2021 in Chengdu, Sichuan.Each subsidiary company and the management of each business center of the group attend the meeting together.


      On March 18, participants from Qingdao, Tianjin, Linyi, Lianyungang and other places set out for Chengdu, we are looking forward to this trip to Rongcheng.



     On March 19th, the company invited a famous leadership expert lecturer to share the course "Effective Leadership" for all participants, systematically explaining what is leadership, leadership and responsibility, mission and contribution awareness, how to become an effective leader and so on



     Course led to the thinking of leadership, achieve the personal mission combined with corporate mission drive consensus, Everyone said will change future work of inertial thinking, innovative work ideas, update the management idea, maintain a positive attitude and work enthusiasm, unity, put this to use, high quality development contributes own strength for the company


On March 20, the quarterly meeting was officially held.During the meeting, the leaders of the company made a summary and analysis of the work of the first quarter of 2021, affirmed the work achievements of the first quarter, summarized the gains and losses of the first quarter, and pointed out the work direction of the next quarter.In view of the problems summed up in the meeting, all departments had an active and in-depth discussion and communication.

Wang ai xiang, chairman of the company, stressed that the success of the company has not come easily, and it requires the continuous efforts of everyone. Everyone should embrace the change and adapt to the trend of development.

At the same time, the company will also strengthen the construction of talent echelon, deep cultivation of key businesses, extension of services, to become a sustainable management of first-class international logistics company for the long-term goal, continuous efforts.



    At last, the meeting ended with the chairman's work planning and deployment for the next quarter. Although the company is still facing the impact of the foreign epidemic, I believe that under the firm leadership of the company leaders, if we work hard, carry forward our achievements and build on the momentum, Gao Yang will surely achieve great achievements again.

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    After the tense meetings during the day, the company prepared a "new start · New Journey" dinner for colleagues.

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   Gathering in the Jinguan City

   Talking enjoying and Drinking Together.