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Qingdao Kaoyoung International Logistics Co., Ltd. is committed to providing domestic customers with a third-party comprehensive logistics company that integrates domestic trade and railway multimodal transport, domestic shipping agency, cargo transportation agency, enterprise supply chain management, logistics finance and information services. At the same time, it can provide value-added services such as insurance agency, insured transportation, special container, cold chain logistics, warehousing and distribution.

Route distribution:

Qingdao---Quanzhou direct 3 days

Qingdao---Xiamen direct 5 days

Qingdao---Shantou direct 5 days

Qingdao---Haikou direct 8 days

Qingdao---Huangpu direct 4 days

Qingdao---Dalian direct 4 days

Qingdao---Shanghai direct 2 days

Qingdao-Nansha direct 8 days

In addition to the direct access above, other barges can go to Dandong/Yingkou/Jinzhou/Yangtze River Basin/Wenzhou/Ningbo/Taizhou/Fuzhou Mawei/Shekou/Fuyong/Pearl River Basin/Qinzhou/Fangcheng/Zhanjiang/Yangpu.

At present, our company maintains good cooperation with China Shipping/COSCO/Zhonggu Xinliang/Antong/Nanqing/Zhejiang Heyi/Zhenghe!

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